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  • Boeing

    Location Information

    Information listed below identifies changes to normal site operations.
    If your site is not listed, please assume your work location is open and operating on a normal schedule. If you have questions, please contact your manager.

    Many of our production and other facilities throughout the company remain open. Boeing is monitoring the coronavirus situation closely and taking prudent measures to protect the health and safety of employees and their families, as well the communities where we live.

    Employees should follow guidance issued by local, county and state emergency management officials, and can find updates on the status of site operations here and the employee emergency hotline at 800-899-6431.

    Puget Sound and Moses Lake operations (posted April 10, 2020)
    After more than two weeks of suspended operations across Puget Sound and Moses Lake facilities, Boeing is proceeding with a safe and orderly restart of some operations starting as early as Monday, April 13 for managers and as early as Tuesday, April 14 for employees. The resumption of targeted operations involving approximately 2,500 employees will focus on:

    • Defense programs, including P-8 and KC-46 (post-factory rollout: Area 51, Everett Modification Center, Finishing Center)
    • Other essential defense labs and support teams will resume operations to support critical customer needs
    • A limited team in BCA Supply Chain Fulfillment and Fabrication will resume operations to support P-8 and KC-46
    • Moses Lake site operations in support of 737 MAX storage
    • Limited Everett Delivery Center activities

    Managers will contact employees returning to work on a case-by-case basis with report date and shift information. For those who are not contacted by their managers, the suspension of operations will continue and should not physically report to work. Employees who volunteered for essential site and customer support work will continue to report to their assigned shifts. Employees who can continue to work remotely will continue to do so in coordination with their managers.

    At Washington state sites, where face coverings are a requirement, employees should bring a mask or face covering as long as it does not cover the entire face, can be easily lowered for visual identification by Boeing Security, and is workplace appropriate. Employees who do not have a face covering or mask will be provided with one.

    Aurora Flight Sciences (Manassas, Virginia; Bridgeport, West Virginia; Columbus, Mississippi; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Luzern, Switzerland) (posted April 10, 2020)
    Aurora Flight Sciences will temporarily suspend operations across all sites beginning end of day, Friday, April 10, for two weeks with production scheduled to resume on Monday, April 27. Employees who can work remotely will continue to do so. Managers will reach out to individuals impacted by the suspension with more specific direction.

    Boeing South Carolina 787 Operations (posted April 6, 2020)
    Boeing 787 production operations at Boeing South Carolina will be suspended until further notice starting at the end of second shift on Wednesday, April 8. The temporary suspension is focused on the health and safety of our team and the reliability of our global supply chain. Teammates who are already working from home will continue to do so, and should direct any questions to their managers.

    Ridley Township - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (posted April 2, 2020)
    Boeing production operations at its Ridley Township, Pa, facilities will be suspended for two weeks starting at end of day, Friday, April 3. The suspension is intended to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. The site will return to normal work schedules on April 20. Employees working from home will continue to do so, and employees should direct questions to their managers.

    Pleasanton, California (Boeing Secure Computing Solutions) (posted April 2, 2020)
    Due to a shelter in place order issued by Santa Clara and Alameda counties, Boeing temporarily suspended operations until further notice. Boeing leaders will continue to monitor guidance and directives issued by local governments. Employees should remain in contact with their managers, and employees supporting critical operations will continue to report to their assigned shifts.

    Marshall Space Flight Center - Huntsville, Alabama (posted March 27, 2020)
    Per NASA direction, MSFC facilities are closed to all but mission-critical operations. Boeing's International Space Station program continues on-site support for the research and payloads operated aboard the station. No other Boeing personnel should report to this site unless authorized to do so by their manager.

    Stennis Space Center - Hancock County, Mississippi (posted March 20, 2020)
    Boeing operations are suspended, per NASA direction. Boeing has a team on-site to protect our mission critical hardware; no other Boeing personnel should report to this site unless authorized to do so by their manager.

    Michoud Assembly Facility - New Orleans, Louisiana (posted March 19, 2020)
    Boeing operations are suspended, per NASA direction. Boeing has a team on-site to protect our mission critical hardware; no other Boeing personnel should report to this site unless authorized to do so by their manager.

    Emergency Information

    Stolen Boeing Credit Cards

    Contact Citibank:
    1-866-869-1871 (within United States)
    1-904-954-7314 (outside United States)
    Provide card number, verification number (last 4 digits of SSN)

    Travel Emergencies - Boeing Business Travelers

    Contact Boeing Travel:
    1-800-543-4284 (within United States)
    1-425-373-2469 (outside United States)

    Protection Against Cyber Threats

    Cyber breaches are an increasing threat, affecting millions of people, and the consequences for victims can be far-reaching. For example, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in 2015 discovered two cybersecurity incidents involving the theft of sensitive personal data of more than 21 million current, former, and prospective Federal employees and contractors. Some of these victims were Boeing employees and retirees. Click on the links below to find tips from Boeing to help you prevent this from happening to you -- and what to do if your information has been compromised.

    Always remember that your local security professionals are available to assist you when things don’t feel quite right.

    Employee Assistance Program

    The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential service designed to connect Boeing employees and their families with experienced counseling professionals for help with personal and family issues. It provides up to six counseling sessions per issue, per calendar year, at no cost to employees or their eligible dependents.

    The program also offers resources and referrals such as childcare, eldercare, and other community referrals. Additionally, limited legal and financial advice is available, as is access to helpful online articles.

    For more detailed information about the Employee Assistance Program and Solutions for Living, please visit http://www.achievesolutions.net/boeing.

    You may also call to request services.

    In the United States, call 866-719-5788.
    Outside of the United States, call the reverse charge number at +44 20 8987 5966.